Oncology Conferences That Will Help Your Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation on cancer requires you to use the latest information. In the fast-changing cancer landscape, it is especially important to capture the most recent discoveries and innovations. Conferences are a perfect way to update your knowledge on oncology and produce the most compelling dissertation.

Different organizations and societies host oncology conferences at varying seasons during the year. What value do these conferences add to your dissertation writing?

  • Get the latest innovations on oncology – oncology meetings bring together researchers from different hospitals and institutions. They come to present the latest in cancer management and treatment. By attending the conferences, you have first-hand experience with their research. It will enrich your dissertation, especially by providing fresh and relevant information.
  • Expand your reference materials – research conferences attract the best minds in the industry. They come with books, journals, and research papers that you have never seen. These materials provide a deeper analysis of cancer and its treatment. When you discover their books, you will expand your knowledge of cancer, enabling you to produce the most compelling dissertation.
  • A chance to discuss and interview accomplished researchers – interviews are a great source of the latest information on oncology and cancer treatment. A cancer research conference is the best place to meet all the experts you have ever desired to interview or discuss your ideas with. They give you the latest tips and directions on how to proceed with your paper. They will help you to unlock research dilemmas and produce the most compelling work.
  • Test your hypothesis against great minds – a cancer conference is a chance to present the ideas you have generated in the course of writing your dissertation. Since the meetings bring together the most experienced researchers, your hypothesis and assertions will be tested. It is an opportunity to refine your thinking and deliver the most compelling dissertation on cancer.

The health industry organizes different conferences with diverse themes. Some focus on technology and treatment while others are large on nursing and the professionals required. Here are conferences you should attend if you are writing a dissertation on cancer and its prevention or subjects related to oncology.

American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

The conference is held each year around June. It covers the latest innovations in cancer treatment. Some of the subtopics covered include populations and cancer prevention, clinical studies, survival, and the biology of preventing cancer. You can follow the meeting virtually or register to attend in person. In 2022, the meeting will be held in April in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Oncology Nursing Society Signature Conference

The conference is held in Anaheim, CA. If you are writing your dissertation on cancer research, you can present your paper at the conference. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive conferences on cancer. It reveals the latest on clinical research, advocacy, and technology. The conference offers a chance to connect and exchange ideas with the most recognizable researchers on cancer. You will also delight in the experiences shared by health workers and innovators.

American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference

The conference features presentations from experienced and highly exposed cancer researchers. It also features exhibitions by manufacturers of cancer-related products. The conference takes place in June 2022. You are welcome to present your paper.

American cancer society conference

It is the largest and most prestigious cancer conference. It brings together scholars from different parts of the world. From 2020, the conference made a provision for virtual attendance.

Cancer conferences offer a chance to interact and present your ideas to the most brilliant cancer researchers. It is a chance to enrich your understanding and in the process deliver the most captivating dissertation. With a provision for virtual attendance, you have no reason to miss any of the cancer conferences.

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